8027 Double Hung Windows

The 8027 total tear out vinyl double hung windows are perfect for a complete window replacement, offering a wider opening and enhanced performance. For a classic appearance, these windows feature an additional contoured brickmould for a traditional wood window exterior appearance. They also include 3/4" insulated glass for energy efficiency. Designed with an integral nailing fin, continuous head and sill, dual weatherstripping, and a foam-wrapped construction, these maintenance-free vinyl windows provide lasting durability. With vinyl colors such as Euro-white, tan, and earth tone options with painted exterior finishes.

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New Construction

Features and benefits specs

  • Durable Construction: Built with a robust 4 9/16" vinyl jamb, these vinyl double hung windows are designed for long-lasting durability and an attractive exterior appearance for your home.
  • Wider Opening: The full frame tear out window replacement design ensures a wider opening by completely removing the existing woodshop window, allowing for a more spacious and efficient installation.
  • Contoured Brickmould: Featuring an extra contoured brickmould finish on the exterior, these double hung windows add a classic and polished look to your home.
  • Excellent Insulation: The 3/4" insulated glass with warm edge technology offers exceptional thermal and sound insulation, keeping your indoor environment comfortable year-round. 
  • Easy Cleaning: Featuring tilt-in sashes, the 8027 replacement double hung windows offer effortless maintenance, allowing you to easily access and clean both window panes without hassle or inconvenience, ensuring pristine views and optimal functionality year-round.
  • Secure Locking: Equipped with a double sash lock with keeper, these windows ensure your home is secure and provide peace of mind.
  • Weather Protection: Multiple contact points of weatherstripping on the sashes provides enhanced protection against the elements, improving energy efficiency and keeping your home comfortable.
  • Foam Wrapped: The foam-wrapped design enhances insulation and energy efficiency, further protecting your home from extreme temperatures.
  • Smooth Operation: The block and tackle balance system ensures smooth and reliable operation of the window sashes.
  • Customizable Appearance: Available in Euro-white, tan, and earth tone vinyl colors with painted exterior options, allowing you to match your home's style and aesthetic.
  • Better Replacement Installation: The 8027 window simplifies replacement by allowing installers to use a new construction nail fin in a replacement setting. This nail fin acts as the first line of defense against water and air entering your home. Instead of relying on just a few caulk joints, the 8027 includes a nail fin that can be siliconed behind, nailed to the exposed studs, and flashed with tape as needed. The additional brickmould covers the nail fin while seamlessly connecting the window frame to the exterior siding or brick on the home. With a total frame replacement, there's no loss of daylight opening that can occur with typical replacement windows.

Installation Instructions

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