MGM Series 8007 Double Hung Window



1.1.1. Scope. All the vinyl windows of types and sizes shown in the plans and/or called for in this specification shall be as manufactured by MGM INDUSTRIES Hendersonville, Tennessee.



1.2.1. Profiles. Main frame and sash components shall be constructed of extruded, high-impact-resistant and UV–stabilized, rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Main Frame members shall be of multi-chambered design.


1.2.2. Thickness. Typical wall for extruded frame and sash members shall be .062” or as indicated on the individual extrusion die drawings.


1.2.3. Fasteners. All screws and fastening devices shall be coated with Zinc or Cadmium in conformance with ASTM B 633-85 (1994) and /or ASTM B 766-86 (1993).  


 1.2.4. Glass and Glazing. Upper and Lower sash members are of extruded PVC having 6 leaves of flexible durameter , members are driven on and mechanically fastened around the glass. This glazing captures and cushions the full perimeter of the glass. The glass is overall 3/4 inch thick sealed insulating unit, using warm edge spacer technology.   


1.2.5. Weather-stripping. All window gaps between main frame and sash members shall be weather-stripped to prevent air infiltration. Weather-strip shall be a poly pile type with an integral polyethylene fin and shall conform to AAMA 701-92 and 702-92.


1.2.6. Finish. All window members shall have an integral white or beige color throughout the profile.


1.2.7. Hardware. All hardware components that come in contact with PVC shall be non-corrosive material.



1.3.1. Screen. All screens shall be a full window type sufficient to cover the opening. Screen frames are 5/16 x 3/4 inch roll formed aluminum. Screen fabric shall be 18 x 16 fiberglass mesh. Screens shall conform to ANSI/AAMA 1004-1987.



1.4.1 Assembly. Main frame shall have a 4 9/16” frame depth to the nailing fin and shall be 5 7/8” overall. Main frame shall incorporate an integral brick-mold type J-channel siding pocket. Main frame head to jamb shall be miter-cut and fusion-welded. Main frame head and jamb shall have a 1 1/4" pre-punched nail fin. Sill nail fin shall be constructed of 6063 extruded aluminum with a T5 temper, fin shall be 2”.  Jamb to Sill shall be angle cut, processed and mechanically fastened to a 14 degree slope sill. Sill to Jamb weather-seal shall be a closed cell foam pad and an approved sealant used for a water tight joint.

       Sash vertical and/or horizontal shall be weather-stripped, square cut, processed, and mechanically fastened. Lift and pull rails shall have recessed finger cavities for ease of operation. Top and bottom sash shall tilt-in and shall have recessed tilt finger latches.