Vinyl Windows and Doors

Painting Vinyl Windows and Doors

Color on uPVC vinyl window and doors has been the desire of architects, builders and homeowners since its introduction into the building industry.

Uncle Omers premium vinyl paint

MGM now has 19 colors from which to choose. Our most popular color is Bronze, but we have a Vintage Red and a Marlin Blue as well a Custard...or maybe you want Ivory...Just to name a few. Click on the Uncle Omers's card to see a bigger view of our color pallet. We have created "Uncle Omer's" brand of paint that is specifically designed to adhere to uPVC. You can buy paint at the local "Big Box store", but you will have to limit yourself to lighter colors, otherwise your are going to have problems with heat gain. Our paint specifically solves that problem with the use of inorganic reflective pigments. With these pigments you can paint your windows black and have the same heat gain as white--within one or two degrees Fahrenheit. (I know it sounds like horse hockey,but it is real science.)

Until recently vinyl windows have were only available in White and Tan. The reason is that uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) has a distortion temperature of 140oF. (If the temperature of the PVC rises above 140oF, it will warp and deform) Consequently, dark colors such as bronze have not been an option for vinyl windows because dark colors absorb too much of the radiant energy of the sun, causing warpage.

The advent of Reflective pigment technology (RPT) has changed all that. With RPT the whole color pallet has opened up to the vinyl window world. This technology reflects the infra-red spectrum of the Sun, which keeps the vinyl from reaching it's distortion temperature. (For more information on the paintablility of PVC see our blog article)

Here's a little resource list for technical data and AAMA test standards.

•All of our paint will pass AAMA 613-08
heat gain test data on MGM heat reflective pigments.
•We used ASTM D-4803-97 Solar heat gain test method to develop our test data.
10 Year Warranty
Cleaning your painted vinyl windows
How to paint vinyl windows on the job or in the factory
•Independent Dallas Laboratory report heat gain test data on MGM heat reflective pigments.

MGM Industries invested in an automated vacuum coater that successfully paints the profiles of our windows and doors. The coater applies an automotive grade finish that provides the highest quality coverage versus spraying coatings on uPVC. Click on the video to the left a detailed look at our equipment.

A customized vacuum coater dials in the correct coverage which ensures a paint layer that will not sag and is of sufficient thickness as to optimize the adhesion of the paint to the substrate. (If the paint is not thick enough when it is applied, it will not stick.) Finally each painted uPVC vinyl product is inspected and given a 10 year warranty against industry accepted peeling and fading of paint.

From time to time we will issue technical bulletins about our paint. Go to this directory on our website to see various technical do's and don'ts. Technical Service Bulletin Directory

MGM Industries realized the possibilities of what an industrial grade painted vinyl window product could mean to builders and architects. MGM has developed a totally unique and effective method for painting the high quality vinyl windows they manufacture.

We are so confident in our painted vinyl windows and doors that we provide a 10 year warranty against industry accepted fading and peeling of paint.
During the construction phase our painted windows can get scratched if proper care is not given to the windows. We recommend that brick layers be advised to wipe off all mortar. In the event of minor scratches we provide small bottles of touch up paint. We offer one bottle per job. The bottle is 0.5 OZ of paint. You can buy the touch up paint from us if you need extra or you can buy direct from our supplier. Go to CustomPak Ask for Dan Berg, he'll hook you up. If you buy from CustomPak you'll have to supply the paint. One gallon will fill about 200 or 250 bottles.

MGM Standard colors

Euro White
Sequoia Brown
Snowcap White
Smoke Gray
Marlin Blue
Spring Sky
Mortar Grey
Pearlescent bronze
Silver Streak

Click to open a digital version of our color card that is shown below

We now have custom color matching available in-house...

The MGM computerized matching system provides quick and accurate color match for color samples submitted to us for analysis. So if you want our windows to match a competitors windows, we may have the match already. If we do not have a match , we need a color swatch and we will do our best to match it.

{We have a pigment pallet made up of 7 different colors from which we can combine to get a large color pallet. All of these color bases have solar reflective technology to reflect the infrared heat of the Sun. The color bases have some limitations for matching purposes. For example, very bright reds and yellows are not possible. Having said that, we can match a large range of the colors used in the construction's industry. If you are willing to take the time to submit a sample, we will do our best to match your sample.}

Call your sales rep and ask about custom colors.

All of our products will ultimately be offered in exterior colors and we will offer new colors as the market dictates. Lead times vary on custom colors, depending if we have to send the color for matching. Please expect at least three weeks additional lead time for custom colors.