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MGM Expands Showroom
Offers Training Room for Customers 
    MGM is expanding its showroom to include a room for seminars and trainings for customers. The expansion will be able to hold up to 30 people.  A raised dias comes with or without a podium and will make speakers easier to see and hear.  Call your sales representative to learn about available dates for your sales team. 

Abe Zeke & Joe
Chatter From Upstairs
"MGM Sales Up in May"
     According to Abe, Zeke and Joe (aka "the Boyz"), MGM had a very good May and is "in the black" for the year.   So all the national bad news about the building industry could, ironically, be good news for MGM.  If the economy does spin in, MGM is very well positioned with its product offering. The real ace-in-the-hole is that the company is very strong financially.  As the situation develops, it will be in a position to gain more market share.  
     Another opportunity is the painted 8017 Double Hung.  Paul Gensler's customer:  Coastal Window and Doors is kicking butt against the clad-wood market. This is a real opportunity to present the 8017/8010 Series as an alternative to the more pricey clad-wood market.  
     Remember this:  there are two sides to a pancake.  The side closest to the burner gets fried, and the other side sees a brighter picture.  At MGM we are not going to focus on getting fried by the economy.   
This year, using unit sold, we are 23% up versus last year. 
This year, based on sales, we are 24% up versus last year. 
     Not bad for being in a down economy.

Tony Graves
Employee Spotlight:   
Tony Graves, Supervisor 4600, 4010, 7010 & Screens 
        For 11 years, Tony Graves has walked through the doors of MGM, making sure windows and screens are made, that machines are working and running and making sure those under his supervision are doing the best job they can do.  It takes patience, hard work and the right personality to be a successful supervisor and Tony exhibits all three traits on a daily basis. Work is just one thing Tony likes to do, which is obvious when you learn that he maintains 14 acres of land in Kentucky. Tony is an avid horseman and enjoys trail riding when ever he can go.  But like most of the folks at MGM, Tony's favorite activites are with his family - daughters Heather and Sara and their sons Cole, Hank, Anthony (yes named after grandpa) and Andrew.
     When asked what makes him stay at MGM, he quickly replies, "I like the boys, they're good people."  And "the boys" as you know are Abe, Zeke & Joe Gaskins.

Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure
    If you haven't noticed yet, Abe has become the video king at MGM.  It's amazing what he thinks of to get on "film".  Click on his image to check out his latest videos on how tos, how it works and why it works for windows and doors.  

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