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8065 Double Hung Details

8065 Cross Section
The 8065 Series double hung window is the other half of the One-Two punch that MGM has on the high end of the window market. This window has a 180 brickmould on it and looks exactly like a traditional shop-built wood window. Along with it's sister the 8017 Series, and with exterior colors now available, MGM has a product line that gives you all the features of clad-wood and clad-vinyl windows. The 8065 is a commercially rated window and rates to a HC-30 class winodow . Actually we have more to offer because our windows are positioned to meet today's higher energy standards. Take a look at the 8065 Series, you won't find a better window.

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8065 Double Hung Window

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Title of Category

Product Family:
Application of Product:
SouthernRose/WindStrong Products:

Sash Construction:
Nailing Fin:
Standard J Channel:
Standard Brick Mould:
Sloped Sill:

Balance System:
Lift Rail Placement:
Standard Grill:
Continuous Head and Sill:
Overall Frame Depth:

Nail Fin Set Back:
Interior Jamb Depth:
Glass Package:
Egress Size:


Premium Double Hung Window
New Construction
8010    8080

3/4" Pocket
14° Standard

Block and Tackle
Equal, Oriel and/or Cottage
3/4" Contour grid standard
6 1/16

1 5/16"
4 11/16"
3-0 x 5-4 Equal


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