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As Robin of Batman fame may have said: "Holy energy savings Batman, this window is off the charts on energy efficency." We have independently tested and verified that this window has a U-Value of 0.28 which is one of the lowest in the industry. We re-designed our 8007 Series window 2011 and repositioned to look exactly like a premium clad wood window. With the strategic combination of painting, in which MGM has invested close to one million dollars, the company has a unique one-two punch combination in its product arsenal. MGM now has the ability to offer color combinations that even the major clad companies can not offer. As a matter of fact, for those that are interested, we received a nice compliment by one of the majors--it appears that they thought our window was identical to theirs. For the record, we feel it is better than the competition ...apologies... This product will never rot   like cheaper clad designs are prone to do. We saw, and see the need, for an "all-clad wood look" without the wood to rot. Moreover, the window is perfect for salt water, coastal applications because uPVC performs so well in salt environments. We have designed the next generation of "Clad" windows. Take a serious look at it, you will not be disappointed.

The 8017 Series Double hung passes a DP-43 rating which may qualify for a coastal applications that require a DP-50 window. Check with your local codes inspector before you order, to see if they will allow this rating.

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8017 Double Hung Window

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Sash Construction:
Nailing Fin:
Standard J Channel:
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Sloped Sill:

Balance System:
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Nail Fin Set Back:
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Premium Double Hung Window
New Construction
8065    8080

3/4" Pocket
14° Standard

Block and Tackle
Equal, Oriel and/or Cottage
3/4" Contour grid standard
6 1/16

1 5/16"
4 11/16"
3-0 x 5-4 Equal


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