Vinyl Windows and Doors

We extrude uPVC in-house

MGM Industries has over five million dollars invested in our extrusion operation, with $500,000 invested for the purposes of designing and building our own extrusion dies. This advantage gives MGM the unique ability to keep our customers competitive and allows us to develop high quality windows for the Builder, Architect and Homeowner.

We can make custom PVC extrusions for any application.

MGM Industries Cellular PVC

At MGM we are positioned to be competitive. We have 100,000 square feet dedicated to uPVC extrusion, and have our own extrusion die manufacturing in-house. This is one significant factor why we have created differentiated fenestration products. Our upper end window line is a direct result of our vertical integration and a result of our engineering design capability. The view on the right shows one of our cellular products coming off a Davis-Standard GC40mm. We have developed expertise in cellular shapes to compliment our rigid uPVC technologies.

MGM Industries extrusion lines

We have 9 Davis-Standard(D-S)extrusion lines which include one GC94mm, four GC60mm's, one GC65mm, one GC40mm, and two Single Screw Super Blue 1.5 inch lines. The view to the left is a partial view of our extrusion operation. If you will notice the housekeeping is impeccable. Quality starts with discipline. This picture was not staged, the floors look like this every day.

MGM Industries Extrusion tooling department

Here is a view of our tooling department. We have over 50 years of collective experience in extrusion design and manufacturing. Here the team is collaborating over a universal tooling tank that we are engineering.

MGM Industries quality station

We have developed an in-house software package to log our quality measurements which can be used to monitor trend lines as well as establish a statistical database from which to manage the quality auditing process.

We are serious about the Fenestration market!