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•Sales History from 1967 to 1984
•Two major crises lead MGM to the fenestration market
•The "boyz" enter MGM Industries
•MGM begins extruding uPVC in 1999
•MGM prepares for the good times during the bad times


MGM Industries was incorporated in 1965 in the state of Tennessee. The company was formed by three principals: W.C. Moncrief, Larry Million and Gene Gaskins. The name of the company was derived from the last name of each founder. W.C. Moncrief, owned a company called Quality Aluminum Service which was located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Larry Million, was the production manager of Quality Aluminum Service. Gene Gaskins owned Dallas Glass Company located in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Originally the company was formed to manufacture Jalousie Windows. Not much business activity ensued for the first two years as the principals were actively managing their primary businesses.

In April of 1967, Marshall Gaskins, who was a brother of Gene's, decided to join the company on a part-time basis as manager of the company.

Marshall,an ex-Air Force pilot who transitioned to helicopters, had been working as a C.L.U. life insurance agent.(Marshall flew air search and sea rescue and was stationed in Greenland for one year.) Marshall worked at MGM during the days and made his insurance calls at night. In 1967 Larry Million decided that he did not have enough time to devote to the company so Marshall and Gene issued a promissory note to Larry for $4000 ($2000 down payment and $2000 due in six months).

In 1968 Gene and Marshall purchased W.C. Moncrief's interest in the business. Gradually the business began to grow until the point at which Marshall stopped selling insurance and became the full-time manager of MGM. Since the company was so thinly capitalized, salaries were not taken out of the business in the first three years of operation. For historical purposes sales for the years 1967 to 1984 are listed below:

Sales history from 1967 to 1984


The company began to prosper in 1969 when efforts were directed towards selling windows in the recreational vehicles area. The conversion was made by adapting the firm's jalousie unit so that it could be put in the side of a pick up truck camper top. The unique feature of this arrangement was that the jalousie unit could be cranked out for ventilation purposes. MGM was the first manufacturer in the state to offer the "bubble' window that was seen on pick up trucks in the 1970's and 1980's. Due to the company's small size, as the market developed, other larger firms entered the industry, and MGM developed a niche of quality into that market arena. Though out the years, MGM has maintained a philosophy of qualtiy in every business segment that MGM has entered.

1970's Two major crises lead MGM to the fenestration market

Two major crises confronted the firm which lead the company to the fenestration market, the first of which was the Oil Embargo crisis of 1973-74, which reduced demand for the jalousie louvered windows, and the second of which, was the 1973 to 1975 recession which crippled the recreational vehicle market far beyond the recession. The historical sales figures show the results of those economic times. In 1976 the firm remarketed items to sell within the recreational vehicle segment. These were low margin items, but helped the company survive during a transitional phase of the company to the remodeling segment of the fenestration market.

During the first "energy crisis of '73", Marshall and Gene had their eyes on building storm windows and doors, as energy efficiency first entered the national picture during President Jimmy Carter's time in office. They had dabbled in storm windows by buying some profiles from the Mason Storm Window Company. The entry into storm windows was a logical extension to the company as it had been buying aluminum extrusions to manufacture camper tops and jalousie windows from Essex Company in Louisville. Essex had expressed interest to get out of their storm window fabrication, stating that they wanted to focus on extruding aluminum.

Marshall and Gene made the decision to change MGM's strategic direction after acquiring the production tooling from Essex in 1975. They repositioned the storm window acquired from Essex, to prepare for the first energy efficiency drive created during the late 1970's and early 1980's. The decision proved fruitful and MGM exited the recreational vehicle business segment as the storm window business developed.

MGM Industries made it through these crises by having no debt. It was these crises that instilled the "no debt" credo into MGM's management, which allowed the company to withstand the 2006 recession and the current market conditions.

1980's The "Boyz" join the company

In 1981 Marshall's middle son, Zeke, graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a B.A. in Accounting and joined MGM.

Then in April of 1984, the Alcan Aluminum Company decided to close down it's McMinnville, Tennessee production facilities and offered the sale of their storm window and door production lines to Marshall and MGM. The line of doors offered an established customer base and had an excellent reputation of quality. Zeke took over the production responsibilities on the door line after he joined the company and wetted his teeth in production. He has been in a role of managing production ever since.

In 1985 the firm decided to enter the vinyl replacement business by tooling up for a vinyl replacement window which was offered by Acro Extrusions out of Wilmington, Delaware. Additionally, Marshall and Gene decided to form a second company called Nashville Tempered Glass Company (NTGC) to manufacture tempered glass. At that time Gene began devoting all his time towards NTGC. (Gene, and his son, Gavin, now are the proud owners of NTGC)

Abe, Marshall's eldest son, joined the company full time in 1985 after graduating with a M.B.A. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Abe had graduated from Vanderbilt in 1980 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but elected to come back into the business after Marshall and Gene created the basis for a good business to succeed. Abe joined the company as a salesman but eventually moved into product design and championed the venture into extruding uPVC after Joe and Zeke supported the idea with the votes to proceed to vertical integration.

In 1990, Marshall's youngest son, Joe, entered the business after working as an assistant basketball coach at Austin Peay University. Joe played Junior College basketball at Motlow In Tullahoma, Tenneseee (MIT) and then finished his college degree at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN with a B.A. in Business. Joe is now the Sales Manager, but started with the company in charge of the insulated glass department. Joe knows windows--as well as production, which makes him well qualified to focus on the customers needs.

The original brothers (Gene and Marshall Gaskins) and the current brothers (Abe, Zeke and Joe Gaskins) have worn many hats and know the business from the ground up. All have worked on the production lines and all know what it takes to build a quality product. From 1985 until present day, MGM has focused on building the finest uPVC windows and door in the fenestration industry.

Marshall became sole owner of MGM in 1990 and transfered the company to his sons, (Abe, Zeke, and Joe) but stayed on to make a smooth transition to the second generation business. Through the wisdom and solid business practices of Marshall--and his generosity--the brothers (or "the boyz", if you will) incorporated Marshall's values of people and service to customers.

1999 MGM begins extruding uPVC

During the late 1980's and throughout the 1990's MGM became entrenched in the uPVC window market. In 1987 the company started manufacturing a single vinyl single hung, purchasing the vinyl extrusions from Easco Vinyl in Youngstown, Ohio. During these years MGM developed a deep knowledge of the uPVC market, learning specific problems with other window designs and started thinking about designing MGM's own designs. MGM's 8010 Series double hung is a direct result of an accumulated depth of knowledge. This series of double hung has been through three designs and has improved with each succeeding design stage. Today this series is about as "bullet proof" of a double hung as can be found on the market. All because of our focus to detail and correcting found mistakes.

In 1999 MGM began extruding it's own uPVC and became totally vertically integrated in uPVC. MGM also began manufacturing and designing its own extrusion tooling. When MGM began designing their own windows, the firm had been in the vinyl window business for years and had been listening to customers and found out their needs and wants. They found out the builders wanted a 180 brickmould on the profile along with an integral J-channel and an integral mull on twins. MGM was the first to offer product with these features to the market.

Today's product line is a culmination of passion and experience. Between 1999 and present day, MGM has continued to be a leader in the finest vinyl fenestration product on the market. We have products that will compete directly with the clad wood market; and have product that will compete in the multi-family or high volume residential market. We also have product that will meet the residential and commercial replacement window market

2009 MGM Invests over $1,000,000 towards painting uPVC.

In 2009 MGM invested over $1,00,000 in a painting process to be able to position itself for the future. We believe that future involves painting uPVC, and we believe we have the product depth to be a leader and a player in the future. We have over 45+ years of passion devoted to our business.

MGM did not get into painting uPVC on a whim, we researched painting uPVC for over six years before we made the $800,000 commitment to the future. At MGM, the Boyz have learned what Uncle Gene Gaskins always said: "you prepare for the bad times during the good times, and you prepare for the good times during the bad times."

We've done that, we reduced our debt on the company during the good times. And during the bad times we have invested $1,00,000 in the future of painted vinyl windows; we have redesigned and repositioned the 8017 Series window; and we have added a four-panel telescoping sliding patio door that is unique in the fenestration industry in that it has four separate tracks in which individual panels slide. As we like to say, this design will "allow the home owner to bring the outside into their home".

Take a look at our plethora of product. Look at the 8010 Series that was designed to look exactly like a "shop built" wood window--but, like the 8017, will never rot and will be in the home protecting the end user from the elements for years to come. Our windows are the culmination of our history. We have no desire to ruin our 45+ years of heritage by producing a bad product or a bad design. Because of our tradition, rest assured--our reputation is on the line, and we do not want to tarnish it as we approach the silver anniversary (50 years) of our family owned business.

2013 MGM Industries starts manufacturing tooling in Chenzhou, Hunan, China

The Boyz has invested in a wholly owned manufacturing company in Chenzhou, China. There the company will manufacture extrusion tooling for the PVC market.

To paraphrase Lee Iacooa: "if you can find a better window, buy it."

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