Vinyl Windows and Doors

We are interested in International partners

MGM is currently exporting to Brazil and the Caribbean. If you have found our web site from a world wide search for PVC extrusions, PVC extrusion tooling, or for window product--Please contact Abe Gaskins at:

We have business relationships with Tool Coaching in Austria. They are a premier extrusion tooling consultant. They can help you design tools, can provide turnkey tooling, or can help you with design services. If you want the best tooling in the world--contact Tool Coaching. Robert Rainer is the sales manager. We have had a 10 year relationship with this company and they helped us be a world class tooling and extrusion company. We intend to make fiberglass tooling in our factory in China. If you have a desire to partner with MGM on a global playing field, give us a call.

We can make custom PVC extrusions for any application.

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We have also started manufacturing extrusion tooling in Chenzhou, Hunan China. We intend to design and manufacture uPVC extrusion tooling for the global market. Turkey, Russia and the Asian markets are of particular interest.

Our goal is to manufacture our first fiberglass pultrusion tool in China in the calendar year 2014.
Here's a shot of our facility in China. We are partnered with a vocational school in Chenzhou. chinese wire machines
We design and build our own tooling with the latest "plate technology". Here's one of our "hot dies" that we built and tuned. chinese PVC extrusion tooling
Here's a shot of our first fiberglass pultrusion tool. We made this one at our plant in Hendersonville, Tennessee but we hope to begin manufacturing this type of tooling at our company in China. telescoping four panel Sliding Patio Door