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5610 Picture Window w/ Boxed Sill Details


Title of Category

Product Family:
Application of Product:
Comparable WindStrong Products:
Product Available In:
Sash Construction:
Nailing Fin:
Standard J Channel:
Standard Brick Mould:
Sloped Sill:
Balance System:
Lift Rail Placement:
Standard Grill:
Continous Head and Sill:
Overall Frame Depth:
Nail Fin Set Back:
Interior Jamb Depth:
Glass Package:
Egress Size:


Premium Direct Set Picture
New Construction
5665, 5680
Single Hung, Picture, Transom, Custom Shapes
Integral Nail Fin
3/4" Pocket
3/4" Profiled
6 1/16"
1 5/16"
4 11/16"


Title of Category

Sash Size Proportions:
Applied Nail Fin:
Extended Jambs:
Low-e Options:
Gas Filled:
Tint and Obscure Options:
Double Strength:
Tempered Glass (Any unit over 96" in height or width and any unit over 32 sqft must be tempered):


White, Tan and Earthtone
6 9/16"
270 and 366
Obscure, Niagra, Bronze, Grey

Grille and Screen Options Available:

Grille Types:

Grille Patterns:

Screen Size:
Screen Mesh:

3/4" Profile Bar, 13/16" Flat Bar, 7/8" SDL and 1 1/4" SDL
Colonial, Prarie, Ladder, Diamond (Diamond not available with SDL option), Custom



Air Infiltration @ 1.57 PSF
Water Resistance at 9.75 PSF
Uniform Load Structural at 97.5 PSF


0.0067 CFM/ft² (.30 allowed)
No Leakage
0.160" (@ 97.5 PSF +)
0.160" (@ 97.5 PSF -)

Individual Product Descriptions and Model Size Matrix of U-Factors, SHGC, VT & CR
All U-factors are given in BTU / HR / ft² / °F

USHGC Double Hung Summary Sheet

Structural and Specifications


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GENERAL: The product line modeled is MGM Industries' Series 5610 Vinyl Picture window.
Model Size Simulations: 2000mm x 600mm (78.740" x 23.622")

5610 Series Weather Seal Data

GAS FILLINGS: Not Applicable.

REINFORCEMENT: Not Applicable.


DIVIDERS: Where applicable, dividers were not modeled because the gap between dividers and lites were greater than 3mm. For Solar Heat Gain and Visual Light Transmittance default dividers less than 1" and greater or equal to 1" and default patterns were used for simulations.

GROUP LEADERS: The following group leaders are actual simulated individual products per NFRC 4.2.4. and the NFRC Technical Interpretations where applicable. All remaining individual products' U-factors in the corresponding groups are represented by the group leader's U-factor.

  • COG Group Leader:
    Individual products which differ from another (base) individual product in glazing tint and/or obscurity (including obscure glass, fritted glass, and wired glass) only may be assumed to have the same U-factor as the base product unless this change is associated with a change in coating properties.
  • COG Group Leader:
    5610 Series Glazing Data

SPECIALITY PRODUCTS TABLE: The specialty products method allow the manufacturer to determine the overall product SHGC and VT for any glazing option. The center of glass SHGC and/or VT must be determined using WINDOW 5.2. The method gives overall product SHGC and VT indexed on center of glass properties.

Series' Specialty Products Table


MGM Series 5610 Picture Window


1.1.1. Scope. All the vinyl windows of types and sizes shown in the plans and/or called for in this specification shall be as manufactured by MGM INDUSTRIES Hendersonville, Tennessee.

1.1.2. Classification. Shall conform to AAMA/NWWDA/CSA 101/1.S.2/A440-05 specifications for H-R40 (44”x63”)


1.2.1. Profiles. Main frame and sash components shall be constructed of extruded, high-impact-resistant and UV–stabilized, rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Main Frame members shall be of multi-chambered design.

1.2.2. Thickness. Typical wall for extruded frame and sash members shall be .062" or as indicated on the individual extrusion die drawings.

1.2.3. Fasteners. All screws and fastening devices shall be coated with Zinc or Cadmium in conformance with ASTM B 633-85 (1994) and /or ASTM B 766-86 (1993).

1.2.4. Glass and Glazing. Upper and Lower sash members are of extruded PVC. The glass shall be direct set with a silicon sealant. The glass is overall 1" inch thick sealed insulating unit, using warm edge spacer technology.

1.2.5. Weather-stripping. All window gaps between main frame and sash members shall be weatherstripped to prevent air infiltration. Weather-strip shall be a poly pile type with an integral polyethylene fin and shall conform to AAMA 701-92 and 702-92.

1.2.6. Finish. All window members shall have an integral Euro white, tan color throughout the profile.

1.2.7. Hardware. All hardware components that come in contact with PVC shall be non-corrosive material.


1.3.1. Screen. All screens shall be a half window type sufficient to cover the opening. Screen frames are extruded aluminum. Screen fabric shall be 18 x 16 fiberglass mesh. Screens shall conform to ANSI/AAMA 1004-1987.


1.4.1 Assembly. Main frame shall have a 4 11/16” frame depth to the nailing fin and shall be 5 7/8” overall. Main frame shall incorporate an integral brick-mold type J-channel siding pocket. Main frame head to jamb shall be miter-cut and fusion-welded. Main frame head and jamb shall have a 1 1/4" pre-punched nail fin. Sill nail fin shall be constructed of 6063 extruded aluminum with a T5 temper, fin shall be 2”. Jamb to Sill shall be angle cut, processed and mechanically fastened to a 14 degree slope sill. Sill to Jamb weather-seal shall be a closed cell foam pad and an approved sealant used for a water tight joint.

Sash vertical and/or horizontal shall be weather-stripped, square cut, processed, and mechanically fastened. Lift and pull rails shall have recessed finger cavities for ease of operation. Bottom sash only shall tilt-in and shall have recessed tilt finger latches.

Twins and Triple units shall have a continuous integral mullion, mechanically fastened to head and sill.


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