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Are the mainframes of your wood windows rotting out? If you use a traditional pocket window, most installers will cap the existing mainframe with aluminum. Aluminum capping is the WORST thing anyone can do to a window sill. Most home owners with wood windows think they are solving a problem by having aluminum capping installed....but they are just hiding the real problem. The reason capping does damage to the covered wood sill is because the moisture that gets into the wood comes from INSIDE the house. Heat and water vapor are trying to escape from the house interior all winter... due to the principles of thermodynamics...heat always goes to cold, so the heat dissipates and the water vapor condenses where the water gets trapped behind the capping. Hence, by capping an existing wood window with aluminum, you are almost guaranteeing rot. With our 8027 "Total Tearout concept", we have a window replacement solution in which all the window is removed and replaced. Not just the sashes. We have independently tested and verified that this window has a U-Value of 0.28 which is one of the lowest in the industry. MGM now has the ability to offer color combinations that even the major clad companies can not offer.

The 8027Series Double hung passes a DP-43 rating which will qualify for a coastal applications that require a DP-50 window.

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8027 Double Hung Window

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Product Family:
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Comparable WindStrong Products:

Sash Construction:
Nailing Fin:
Standard J Channel:
Standard Brick Mould:
Sloped Sill:

Balance System:
Lift Rail Placement:
Standard Grill:
Continuous Head and Sill:
Overall Frame Depth:

Nail Fin Set Back:
Interior Jamb Depth:
Glass Package:
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Premium Double Hung Window
New Construction
8065    8080

3/4" Pocket
14° Standard

Block and Tackle
Equal, Oriel and/or Cottage
3/4" Contour grid standard
6 1/16

1 5/16"
4 11/16"
3-0 x 5-4 Equal


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